Sizing Information

Blundstone and Redback are Australian brands, and Australian and UK sizing is identical. Of course, the fit varies from style-to style but, in general, we recommend sticking with your usual UK size. If you're borderline, move down to the smaller size. Both brands are a reasonably generous fit and half sizes in both brands provide extra width, not length - a size 10.5 is the same length as a size 10, but is slightly wider than a size 10.

The waterproof Blundstone 584 has been over-sized to allow for the thick sheepskin insole. Some customers have been finding that their usual size is too large. I'm usually a size 10 and I have found that I need to add a thin pair of insoles under the sheepskin footbed to give me a perfect fit (I did initially try a size 9, but that was too short) - Pete Bryden

Kids Blundstones come with an additional pair of insoles meaning that you can opt for a larger size and reduce this by fitting the additional insoles, thereby increasing the life of the boots

Rossi 315 Biga - This style is quite roomy and we suggest dropping down a size unless you are planning to wear really thick socks.

UK/European Sizes:

UK 5 = EU 38
UK 6 = EU 39
UK 7 = EU 41
UK 8 = EU 42
UK 9 = EU 43
UK 10 = EU 44
UK 11 = EU 46
UK 12 = EU 47