Sizing Information


Blundstone, Redback and Rossi are Australian brands, and Australian and UK men's sizing is identical. Of course, the fit varies from style to style but, in general, we recommend sticking with your usual UK size. If you're borderline, move down to the smaller size. All three brands are a reasonably generous fit.

Half sizes in Blundstone and Redback provide extra width, not length - a size 10.5 is the same length as a size 10, but is slightly wider than a size 10.

Half sizes in Rossi provide extra width and length.

The waterproof Blundstone 584 has been over-sized to allow for the thick sheepskin insole. Some customers have been finding that their usual size is too large. I'm usually a size 10 and I have found that I need to add a thin pair of insoles under the sheepskin footbed to give me a perfect fit (I did initially try a size 9, but that was too short) - Pete Bryden


Unisex Blundstone boots are sized in Australian sizing. The equivalent UK women's size is one size down so if you're normally a UK 6, you'll need a size 5. However if you're normally a 6.5, we'd recommend trying a size 6 because half sizes in Blundstones only provide extra width not length (see below).

The Blundstone styles designed specifically for women (1671, 1673, 1441 and 1443) are sized closer to UK sizing so we recommend going for your normal UK size unless you are borderline in which case it may be best to drop down a size.

Because Redback and Rossi are unisex sizes they can be quite roomy for women. We recommend that if you are at all borderline in your normal UK size, it's best to drop down a size. 

Because half sizes in Blundstone and Redback provide more width, not length it's usually best to stick to whole sizes unless you have particularly wide feet. 


Kids Blundstones come with an additional pair of insoles meaning that you can opt for a larger size and reduce this by fitting the additional insoles, thereby increasing the life of the boots. The Australian and UK sizing is identical in kids boots.


UK/European Sizes:

UK 5 = EU 38
UK 6 = EU 39
UK 7 = EU 41
UK 8 = EU 42
UK 9 = EU 43
UK 10 = EU 44
UK 11 = EU 46
UK 12 = EU 47


Blundstone, Redback and Rossi boots have a removable footbed. If you lift up the footbed and insert a thin insole underneath you will have a snugger fitting boot. If you remove the footbed and insert a thin insole (or just leave it without - the boots are still very comfortable) you will have a more roomy fit.