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Care and Cleaning

These are cleaning and care procedures that we recommend. The suggested cleaning products are those that we use ourselves, and those that we sell through Shoeland.

Full Grain Leather Footwear:

Clean with a damp cloth and dry slowly, without placing on a heat source. Condition with Granger's G-Max Leather Conditioner and colour/polish with Cherry Blossom or a similar quality polish or cream.

Nubuck Leather Footwear:

(NB nubuck is not suede. Suede is the underside of the leather skin, whereas nubuck is the outside of the skin, abraded to give a soft, velvety finish).

Clean with a damp cloth and dry slowly, without placing on a heat source. Brush gently with a suede/nubuck brush to remove any marks and to re-introduce the velvety nubuck surface. If necessary, apply Cherry Bloosom Suede and Nubuck Cleaner.

Here at Shoeland, several of us wear brown nubuck Blundstones that we have polished using brown Cherry Blosson polish. The finish is lovely. The velvety nap disappears but, to us, that hasn't been as issue. Black nubuck can be treated in the same way, using black polish of course. You will find that a lot of brands have 'polished nubuck' styles in their ranges, including Orca Bay - one of our latest brands. This also gets around the age-old problem of how to nourish nubuck because, in the past, we have been told not to apply waxy polishes or conditioners. We now say, 'go for it' - you won't be disappointed!